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My name is Louis Villaran and I am the proud owner of Villaran & Son Photography located in beautiful Kissimmee, FL. It has always been a passion of mine to show off my creativity since I was a little boy. Photography seemed like a great outlet for that creativity. I started Villaran & Son in 2006 and have never looked back!

I always dreamed of traveling the United States and photography has taken me there, from places like Hollywood, CA to New York, NY and everywhere in between. My photography has been in publications from the Tampa Sentinel to newspapers in California. I have photographed small private events all the way up to the US Armed Forces. I finally decided to settle down in Kissimmee, but that has given me many opportunities to travel all over the state.

One of the most difficult things to do in photography, is something that I should not take personally, but it’s simply not being able to please everyone. I feel as an artist that I don’t see things as they really are. After all, we all see things differently. Sometimes it’s hard to portray an idea to a client and get them to understand that it’s the end result that matters.

When I look at my work and see my own creativity staring back at me, it’s that rewarding feeling I get that makes me realize why I am in photography everyday. When a client gets to see their portraits and says “Wow!”, I get that overwhelming feeling that my work has touched a part of that person. It’s truly the best feeling in the world and something I strive for with every client of mine.

Outside of photography, my second favorite love would be food. I love cooking it, tasting it, and coming up with new creations from new dinner dishes to decadent desserts. A few of my other interests that are important to me are keeping in shape, traveling, and being not just a father, but a friend to my son.

I am able to travel anywhere in the world to photograph for my clients. I carry a full mobile studio that can be adjusted to fit in nearly any space. Give me a call to arrange for your event to be photographed today!

Louis V.

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